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  • Artist: Hardwell
  • Monthly from Friday 23.00h CET
  • Show duration: 1 hour
  • Started in: 2011
  • Total episodes: 509

Hardwell On Air


International dance music superstar Hardwell is thrilled to announce the triumphant return of his iconic radio show, 'Hardwell On Air'. After a hiatus of two and a half years since the last episode, Hardwell is set to relaunch the show, reigniting the airwaves with his signature sound and unparalleled energy.

The first episode, #HOA501, will be broadcast on Friday, 3rd November, marking an exciting new chapter for dance music fans worldwide.

Hardwell X Radio Relaunch Q&A

How Does it feel to be bringing back your iconic radio show, ‘Hardwell On Air’?
I’m extremely excited to be relaunching my former radio show Hardwell On Air in a new and refreshed format. For years Hardwell On Air was a pivotal part of my weekly schedule. It helped open my sound to a global audience and enabled me a chance to link with international radio partners broadcasting to a huge reach across the airwaves – which was an opportunity I relished and loved being a part of every week!

What was your reasoning behind relaunching the show?
Whether it was via studio recordings or live broadcasts, Hardwell On Air gave me a weekly platform to link up with the fans and share music and DJ sets. I had been thinking about rebooting the Hardwell On Air for a while, but since making my return to touring again, releasing my REBELS NEVER DIE album, and everything else, I wanted to put 100% of my focus into each project as I went along. So, the reboot for Hardwell On Air took a little longer to get set-up because I wanted it to be done right. Teaming up with Radio 538, who are HOA’s exclusive Dutch partner, for the first show, episode #501, felt like the perfect way to start. 

Why ‘Hardwell On Air’ and not just return to radio with a completely new show name?
I thought about this direction too, but honestly, everything I visualised what kind of show I’d like to do I just found myself back at the same place with what my Hardwell On Air show was about. I think the time away from the show, just like with me taking a break from touring, creates a renewed interest. It’s fresh for me again to dive in and make changes to the whole platform of the show, plus it’s going to be a refreshed listening experience for the fans also.

So, what changes to the shows formatting can fans expect?
The show will have some new segments from its original format, allowing me to put more focus on new music and new talent. Like my label Revealed Recordings, I’ll continue to use the show was a platform for spring boarding new releases and emerging artists, as well as showcasing the best music from all sides of the scene. Music continues to be at the core of the show.

I’m also looking into more ways I can bring the fans into the format of the show, so stay tuned.

About Hardwell On Air

For ten years, until January 2021, 'Hardwell On Air' was a staple in the electronic dance music scene, garnering a massive following, championing new music and spotlighting emerging talent. The decision to relaunch 'Hardwell On Air' comes after immense anticipation and growing demand from listeners eager to hear Hardwell back on the airwaves.


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