The most technically advanced distribution and syndication service for premium dance music radio programming

RadioPush helps DJs and record labels to maximize the worldwide audience for their radio shows while automating and optimizing the production workflow.

RadioPush provides a revolutionary all-in-one solution that handles the scheduled distribution of episodes to various digital outlets. It can generate a video version to be live-streamed to multiple online video platforms at a given time. As it is cloud-based, all this can be done from the office, at home, or while on tour.

RadioPush: next-level distribution and syndication of premium dance radio programming

RadioPush allows great content to reach its global fanbase via an ever-expanding syndication network of leading radio stations on FM, DAB+, satellite, and online, plus via airline in-flight entertainment.

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RadioPush for stations

RadioPush offers your station the ultimate delivery service with easy access to premium dance radio programming. You'll love the great interface that's clear and simple to use.

Instant notifications

With our instant notifications, you'll know the moment that new episodes are available to download.

We can also upload them to your server automatically, and let you know once they’re delivered.

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As RadioPush continues to expand, we'll be the finest portal giving you access to even more brilliant live programming from locations around the world, plus exclusive content from your listeners' favourite DJ stars.

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RadioPush for artists and management

If you are involved in producing a radio show or podcast, you know the great value of your content. But also how time-consuming the production process can be every week.

RadioPush is the ideal solution to save your producers valuable time, improve distribution efficiency, deliver transparency and effectively maximize your potential audience.

RadioPush and its competent team, each with 15+ years of experience in dance music programming and distribution/syndication, offer you the best tool for the job to ensure you're in control.

Intuitive track list tool

Simply upload your episode audio to RadioPush and use our intuitive track list tool to mark each tune.

Let our system find the cover art, or upload your own images. Based on the track list and the provided images, RadioPush will automatically generate a custom video.

RadioPush offers scheduled distribution to industry-standard platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, Facebook, VK, and Twitch. Where applicable, the video is streamed live. All output is scheduled and schedules are automatically adjusted from the previous episode.

The Twitter feature automatically publishes customised Now Playing tweets the moment a track airs. RadioPush will use its actively maintained database to automatically replace artists' and record labels' names with their matching Twitter handle when creating the tweets.

RadioPush generates podcast files that include chaptering, and it exports the individual tracks/mix cuts for distribution to streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

Scheduled distribution to industry standard platforms.

Intuitive track list tool

On the Air, everywhere!

A key part of our service is comprehensive international radio syndication via our network of leading global radio stations on FM, DAB+, satellite, and online, plus via airline in-flight entertainment. Our network spans over 800 stations in more than 100 countries.

With our 15+ years of experience and close connections with broadcast decision-makers, we can get your content to the places that matter.

Additionally, we offer a fully managed station liaison and contracting service as standard, including regular, transparent reporting.


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